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Robber Docks


Robber Docks is a Finnish one man operation playing and developing games for multiple platforms. Ike Lindell handles all the coding, graphics and design himself.


Robber Docks started in April 2017 when Ike Lindell decided he would try and do his best to make it as a game developer. The thought of becoming a game developer was there even when Ike was carrying boxes at a warehouse for a living. The experience and training for designing games came from his hobby which he started at the age of 11.


Before the development of Sheepwith started, Ike was writing what was going to be his first big game project. One weekend he thought "I could make a small Sopwith Camel flying game in a weekend and continue on the bigger project on monday". Little did he know that game would take almost a year and become Sheepwith. The gameplay wasn't clear at first, but the idea of making some sort of side-scrolling flying game had been in the back of his head for years. Inspiration for the project was clear - In 1988 David L. Clark made a game called Sopwith, a game Ike played for hours as a kid.

Sheepwith grew bigger and changed a lot when new ideas popped in his mind. After a while it was big enough to have secrets. One of which he asked the original Sopwith creator David for his approval. Now the game had everything he wanted there to be.

Sheepwith is an upbeat game for all ages about a small plane with a rope attached to it. With it you can grab and drop animals and items.

Are you addicted to flying, saving sheep and unlocking new, fun worlds? If not, you will be pretty soon. You'll have hours of fun - that is if you consider flying 10 000 ft in the air at 110 mph with a sheep attached to you FUN! Save sheep to pens from hungry pink wolves and other dangers to pursue faster aircrafts and useful power-ups.



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Game trailer for Sheepwith


Started in: April 2017 in Finland
Personnel: Ike Lindell

Twitter @RobberDocks
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Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktops & Web browsers
Release date: May 2017
Suitable for: All ages

Android: Google Play
iOS: App Store
Windows, OSX, Linux: