This is the official website of Robber Docks, a small team of indie game developers.


May 20th 2015
Dragon Sings Fire has now been released for Android.

May 17th 2015
Dragons will be soaring across the skies... Our next game will be released soon. There's more info on games tab, and there's also the link for the trailer.

July 25th 2014
Our first game for Android has been released! Long live Long Larry I!

December 7th 2013

Dash 'n Toss has been released!

November 17th 2013
Our new game is
in development. It's a small browser game that should be released in a few weeks.
After its release we intend to start something bigger...

September 7th 2013
Sumo Simo was released. You can play it for free at Kongregate. See games section for details.

August 25th 2013

Our website was launched. The site probably needs some fine tuning but it should be ok for now.

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